Sheakley Center for Youth – Outdoor Shelter Area Project

Lighthouse Youth & Family Services wants to create an outdoor shelter space for the youth who live at The Sheakley Center for Youth so they can congregate during good weather and have some shade under an unenclosed shelter. The facility serves approximately 75 youth ages 18-24. The project consists of creating a pergola, paving, an extension of the existing 7’ high fence, landscaping, and tables and chairs. We also intend to add four new parking spaces because we are finding our existing lot is often full and we want to continue to minimize on street parking. 

This project requires a Zoning application for a Use Variance (outdoor shelters are not permitted in the MG district), a Dimensional Variance (for the 7’ fence), and a special exception from Buffer Yard requirements as specified in the MG district. Click here for document Lighthouse Project – Sheakley Center for Youth for WH Area Council.docx.

Lighthouse is requesting a Letter of Support from the WHAC.

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