Recap 2018

To the Walnut Hills Area Council –
I want to thank everyone in the Walnut Hills Area Council for allowing me to act as your president in 2018. We have completed another great year in our community and I have enjoyed being part of our progress. With the help of the board and concerned residents, the following highlights are just a few of our many accomplishments in 2018:
  • Supported the ALMS residents in the attempt to get better management
  • Supported the development of a senior living campus in the northwest quadrant and partnered with the developer, WHBG and WHRF to save the Manse Hotel as a historic site
  • Instituted improved financial practices for the WHAC
  • Partnered with the WHRF and the WHBG on extensive development in our business district
  • Voted to develop a city scorecard and implemented new practices (prior to a vote request meeting presentation and publish any materials on website) to assist in determining if developers will be a good fit for our neighborhood
  • Encouraged youth summer work program by financially supporting their salary for two months
  • Supported the Bush Recreation Center by purchasing $500 in equipment for the summer youth program and $500 in toys for distribution at Breakfast with Santa
  • Partnered with our Historical Society and Harriet Beecher Stowe House on programming opportunities for our neighborhood elementary schools
  • Supported our neighborhood elementary schools by participating in monthly meetings with CPS, supporting their events and providing new LSDMC reps from our community
  • Participated in the search effort for a new director of the Walnut Hills Redevelopment Foundation
  • Continued our partnership with Jack Casino to maintain our Gilbert medians
  • Continued to support Green Man Park by paying for mulch, backflow testing, plantings, and supporting community cleanups
  • Created a safety initiative with Mt Auburn, Neighborhood Agencies, Residents and the Police Partnering Center to address safety issues in the SW quadrant and hosted a Good Neighbor Day
  • Partnered with the Cincinnati Art Museum on their development plans and now have a monthly CAM representative attending our meetings to inform the community of programs and opportunities that may benefit our residents
  • Increased paid membership in the WHAC
Together we have accomplished a lot and I am sure will continue to be a thriving group under our new President, Clarence Taylor.

Sincerely, Toni Miller
Outgoing President, Walnut Hills Area Council

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