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A staple in Walnut Hills, Cincinnati, Parkside Café at 1026 East McMillan St. serves up classic breakfast and lunch fare.

A staple in Walnut Hills, Cincinnati, Parkside Café at 1026 East McMillan St. serves up classic breakfast and lunch fare.

The mission of the Walnut Hills Business Group is to promote opportunities for sustainable business development and growth in a safe and attractive environment in the neighborhood of Walnut Hills, Cincinnati. Choose to get more involved by serving on one or more committees, where your volunteer time can be channeled in the following ways:

Communications & Membership Committee

Develop social media and website presence, as well as taking other opportunities to grow the awareness of and interest in Walnut Hills Business Group.  Take in member dues and applications, keep a current roster with updated contact information, and administer officer elections. Click here for Membership Information and Renewal Form.

Events Committee

Plan for and organize social gatherings throughout the year to foster interaction between the business entities located in Walnut Hills.

Planning & Development Committee

Report to the general body on development projects in the neighborhood. Develop an inventory of commercial and retail space in the neighborhood.

Safe & Clean Neighborhood Committee

Coordinate with Police to report to the general body on issues of public safety, and pursue funding source(s) to enable the hiring of an individual to perform street cleaning tasks.

The Walnut Hills Business Group is hiring!

Job Description: Social Media/Online Brand Manager for Walnut Hills Business Group (WHBG)
The Social Media Manager will be in charge of and administer the organization’s social media marketing and advertising.
Administration includes but is not limited to:
  • Deliberate planning and goal setting based on group’s yearly strategy
  • Development of brand awareness and online presence
  • Content management on social media platforms
  • Build and maintain business group webpage on shared Walnut Hills site
Specific Action Items would include:
  • Interviewing Walnut Hills business owners and members to highlight the merits of being a business in Walnut Hills
  • Creating cross-platform posts, focusing on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • Create links between the WHBG and other users to grow reach.
The Social Media Manager is a highly motivated, creative individual with experience and a passion for connecting with current and future business owners and residents of the Walnut Hills community. That passion comes through as he/she engages with the community regularly, with the ultimate goal of turning social followers into regular patrons of Walnut Hills businesses and increasing the effectiveness and membership of WHBG. The Position will be a contract position through 06/30/2019. Any interested applicants should send an email to samir.kulkarni@solicaconstruction.com no later than 03/31/2019.