area council

The Walnut Hills Area Council was established in 1965 as the voice to represent the interests of the community. We are recognized by the City of Cincinnati as the representative entity for Walnut Hills.

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Mission – The mission of WHAC is to provide a safe, stable, diverse community where we live, learn, work , pray , play and prosper together

– Walnut Hills will be a safe, healthy, attractive, educated, caring community with a sense of pride and respect for both individuals and community.  Our leaders will be strong, well organized and able to advocate for the rights of all citizens.

The Council is composed of residents who are committed to fulfilling the neighborhood’s mission. The Council consists of eleven (11) Board members who are elected and two (2) who are appointed by the Walnut Hills Business Group which is a standing committee of the Council.

Kathryne Gardette is the President of the Walnut Hills Area Council for 2020. She can be reached at

We meet on the second Thursday
Meeting ID: 878 6972 5849
Passcode: 935343

Walnut Hills Area Council Meeting

area council bylaws