walnut hills business group committees

Choose to get more involved by serving on one or more committees, where your volunteer time can be channeled in the following ways:

Membership Committee

Take in member dues and applications, keep a current roster with updated contact information, and coordinate with Promotions.
click here for Membership Information and Renewal Form

Finance Committee

Manage the group’s finances, including general funds and funds for designated projects, such as CNBDU allocations.

Promotions Committee

Recommend outreach activities to the general body and organize such events, oversee the group’s web site.

Environment & Beautification Committee

Attend to neighborhood beautification efforts such as planters and clean-up efforts.

Planning & Physical Development Committee

Report to the general body on development projects in the neighborhood.

Safety Committee

Coordinate with Police to report to the general body on issues of public safety.

Education & Workforce Development

Report to the general body on programs for training and education that are available in the neighborhood.